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Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish was founded in 1927 by Father Marcelino Ruiz from Mexico. Originally established as an ethnic parish to assist the Mexican-Americans of the area, it now houses many nationalities. In 1931, Father Juan Arana became the first Augustinian pastor, and since then the Augustinian Fathers from Spain have been in charge of the parish. The first church was located at the corner of Houston Avenue and 15th Street, when a framed building was acquired on the 200 block of 16th Street. In 1936, Father Arana built the steel and brick Church at 134 15th Street that served the faithful for 40 Years.

In 1966, Father Porfirio Fernandez purchased the land at 61st Street and 9th Avenue. Ten years later the present Church with a capacity of 600 was built. In October of 1976, the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe was carried in procession on the shoulders of the parishioners to the new location. Within the next 10 years, the Rectory, the Parish Hall and the CCD Center were also built.

The Reverend Pastors who have served

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish:

Marcelino Ruiz 1927
Priests of St. Mary's 1929
Juan Arana 1931
Basilio Fresno 1945
Porfirio Fernandez 1951
Peter Parra 1957
Porfirio Fernandez 1960
Enrique Martinez 1977
Jose A. Giganto 1983
Telesforo R. Blanco 1990
Urbano Saenz 2015